(black color)World patent Lock-Tab Bicycle Hub Block Skewers

(black color)World patent Lock-Tab Bicycle Hub Block Skewers

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LOCK-TAB Bicycle Hub Block Skewers made in Taiwan




Weight: F. 29g, R. 35g;

Diameter: F. 100mm, R.135mm

Material: Alloy anodized bolts , Steel rust-proof axle, Steel reinforce spring.

Colors: 7 options.(moq: 20 pairs for 1 color)



Why IDC Block Skewers:


Simple, precise and secure.

Perhaps the simplest and most useful upgrades for bicycles intended for use as transportation is changing the quick release to a skewer or wheel block requiring a tool for removal. Not having to release the front wheel to lock it to the rear wheel and frame was a joy (and helped to keep my hands clean). However, when I made this upgrade some years ago, I was frustrated by the fact that tightening the wheel block often lead to the cap on the opposing end to spin and the wheel to "wander" thus putting the brakes out of alignment. So I thought up the solution of putting a "Lock-Tab" on the opposing end of the bolt head end and asked for a sleek modern design and shiny anodized aluminum finish. Presto!


Lock Feature


Extra thick. Prevents rotation during fastening and ensures precise alignment during installations. No more multiple wheel mounting attempts or re-adjusting brakes each time the wheel is mounted.

    NT$690.00 Regular Price
    NT$586.50Sale Price


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